Institutional Accreditation Decisions and Reports

Worthy of recognition Worthy of recognition 


Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Tallinn University of Technology

University of Tartu

Worthy of recognition

Management of financial resources and infrastructure

Professional Higher Education Institutions

Estonian Free Church Theological Seminary

* Secondary condition imposed.

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

The Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Estonian Information Technology College

Estonian Aviation Academy

* Secondary condition set in 2014 is considered to be satisfied.

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary

Assessment decision

Self-evaluation report

Assessment report


Estonian Military Academy

* Secondary condition set in 2014 is considered to be satisfied.

Pallas University of Applied Sciences

TTK University of Applied Sciences

Worthy of recognition – Study programme development

Tallinn Health Care College

Worthy of recognition – Service to society

Tartu Health Care College

Accreditation decision

Self-evaluation report

Assessment report


Worthy of recognition – organisational management and performance

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Worthy of recognition – Resources, Study programme

* Secondary condition set in 2012 is considered to be satisfied.

Worthy of recognition – Organisational management and performance; Service to society