The project “Quality Enhancement in Continuing Education”

Since autumn 2018 as per contract concluded with the Ministry of Education and Research EKKA has been developing a system for quality assurance in continuing education.

The two year project aims to achieve two main goals:

  • To conduct a study in order to get an overview of continuing education provision in Estonia.
  • To develop and pilot, in cooperation with stakeholders, a quality enhancement  system for continuing education providers.

The project will entail developing relevant assessment methodology, recruitment and training of assessment experts and conducting compliance assessment of approximately 140 continuous education providers. The project also envisages analysis of training needs of providers identified in the study and offering corresponding training and counseling.

The study and training for experts as well as education providers will commence at the end of 2018. The quality enhancement  system to be created at the subsequent stage (2019) should on the one hand give reassurance to learners on the high quality of continuous education provision, and on the other hand incentivise the providers to invest in a systematic manner in quality assurance of the studies they offer.

Director for Development Kaija Kumpas-Lenk and Assessment Coordinator Evelin Kattai are in charge of the project at EKKA.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education and Research funded program for 2014-2020. “Promotion of Adult Education and Enhancement of Learning Opportunities” under the activity 6.5 “Improving the Quality of Continuing Education for Adults”.