An international peer learning mini-seminar at EKKA

On top of the colleagues from Malaysia and Japan staying for a longer work shadowing visit, EKKA staff members had on 1 November the opportunity to meet four colleagues from the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) . Colleagues from Croatia are visiting external assessment agencies of interest from other EU member states under the auspices of an EU funded project in order to exchange ideas and experiences. EKKA was selected as one agency of interest among agencies from Spain and Germany.

The participants of the mini-seminar were given an overview of systems of external quality assurance in all four countries: Malaysia, Japan, Croatia and Estonia and were able to discuss differences of the systems as well as gather ideas that might be useful for one’s work at one’s own agency or for potential future collaboration.

Peer learning is a well established practice in the field of quality assurance and EKKA is keen on keeping this practice active.