Accreditation of Study Programmes in Moldova

The Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency assesses study programmes in Law in universities of Moldova


The Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (EKKA) won the public procurement of the Ministry of Education in Moldova to conduct the assessment of study programmes in Law in that country.  During 2015, 26 study programmes in 13 different higher education institutions were accredited.

Regulations and guidelines

Requirements and Procedure for Accreditation of Study Programmes in Moldova (28 January 2015)

Template for Assessment Report

Template for the Self-Evaluation of Study Programmes

Guidelines for Accreditation Experts: Law Programmes in Moldovan Universities


Assessment Committees


 1 4.-5.05 Academy Police “Stefan cel Mare” (1) Economical Law;(2) Criminal Law (prosecution);(3) Criminal Law (investigations) Dr Stephen Shute – Chair
Ms Stela Buiuc
Dr Mihai Floroiu
Mr Andres Parmas (Student)
Coordinator:  Birgit Vilgats          
6.05 European University of Moldova (1) Criminal Law
7.05 State University from Comrat (1) Criminal Law
 2 4.-5.05 Academy of Economic Studies (1) Financial-fiscal Law;(2) Customs Law;(3) Economical Law Dr Kristiina Tõnnisson – Chair
Dr Yuliya Vashcenko
Mr Adrian Ermurachi (Student)
Dr Tanel Kerikmäe
Coordinator: Hillar Bauman 
6.05 Technical University of Moldova (1) Patrimonial Law
7.05 State Agrarian University of Moldova (1) Patrimonial Law
 3 19.-21.05 Moldova State University (1) Criminal Law;(2) Criminal trial and Criminology;(3) Public Law;(4) International Law;(5) Civil judicial procedures;(6) Law and business customs;(7) Law in business;(8) Civil Law;(9) Labor Law Dr Urmas Volens – Chair
Dr Ingeborg Mottl
Dr Mihai Floroiu
Dr Rene Värk
Mr Joosep Raudsepp (Student)
Coordinator: Hillar Bauman 
22.05 Trade Cooperative University of Moldova (1) Public Law
 4 19.05 State University “A.Russo” from Balti (1) Criminal Sciences and Criminology;(2) Business Law Dr Aalt Willem Heringa – Chair
Dr Ausra Raulickyte
Ms Aliis Liin
Ms Stela Buiuc (Student)
Coordinator: Tiia Bach
20.05 The Moldovan Institute of International Relations (1) International Law
21.05 Free International University of Moldova (1) International and institutional Law
22.05 The Academy of Public Administration (1) Constitutional and Administrative Law