Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee is a consultative body which presents its independent opinion to the EKKA Higher Education Quality Assessment Council on the justification of the appeal submitted on the proceedings or opinions of the Council. The Appeals Committee is appointed for a term of three years and consists of four members and alternates. The Committee is convened on the basis of need.

The constitution of the Appeals Committee is regulated in the EKKA document Procedure for formation of Estonian Higher Education Quality Assessment Council and the Appeals Committee. Full text of the regulation is available under section Regulations.

The Supervisory Council of the Archimedes Foundation has approved the Appeals Committee in the following composition:

Members nominated by the Estonian Rectors’ Conference:
– Member Liina Siib, Professor at Estonian Academy of Arts
– Alternate Martin Hallik, Director of the Library of University of Tartu

Members nominated by the Rectors’ Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences of Estonia:
– Member Peeter Kukk, Estonian National Defence College, Associate Professor
No alternate was proposed by the RCUASE due to lack of suitable candidates.

Members nominated by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation:
– Member Maarika Liivamägi, Estonian Hotels and Restaurants Association, Managing Director
– Alternate Olav Aarna, Adviser to the Management Board at SA Kutsekoda

Members nominated by Federation of Estonian Students Unions:
– Member Liina Hirv, student at University of Tartu
– Alternate Vanessa Yasmine Birgitta Roosmets, student at Estonian Business School