Student Quality Network for Promoting Quality in Higher Education

The Federation of Estonian Student Unions and the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education are forming a nation-wide student quality network in Estonia.

The main objective of the network is to empower students and to increase their role in analyzing the quality of higher education and to find the best solutions to improve the quality in cooperation with student unions and universities.

Student Quality Network is a platform for cooperation, the main objective of which is to systematically exchange good practices and to analyze weaknesses and solutions for promoting quality in higher education. Student Quality Network draws upon analyzes and positions of the student unions, Federation of Estonian Student Unions and Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education.

Student Quality Network is also a initiative group, whose members help to launch activities in higher education organizations to improve the quality of education. But only in the fields where the students contribution is relevant. The next steps towards improving the quality of education depend on the expectations of the student unions and universities.

Members of the Students Quality Network are involved as expert partners for Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education.

Schedule of the Student Quality Network

February–September Application processing time for becoming a member of the Student Quality Network.
June Basic training and discussion seminar about assessing and promoting higher education quality and students’ role in the process.
June–November Workshops and cooperation for creating an action plan for the network.


Cooperation with similar projects from other countries

The initiators of Student Quality Network are interested in cooperation with similar projects from other countries. The nature of the challenges in the field of higher education are in many ways similar, but there are various methods for handling these challenges and improving students’ role in this process. Knowledge sharing and practices would provide important input and would make it easier to analyze different possible methods and their applicability.

Information: Maia Eskla, Project Manager for the Student Quality Network Project,