Quality Assessment Council for Higher Education

EKKA Quality Assessment Council for Higher Education is comprised of experts in the fields of higher education and quality assessment of higher education. No more than two members from the same university, institution of professional higher education, research and development institution, registered professional association, association of employers or association of Student Bodies may belong to the Council.

Members of the Council are independent in their activities; in the Council they do not represent either the interests of the organisation who presented their candidacy or the interests of their employer. Members of the Council shall confirm the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information that has become known to them by reason of their membership in the Council and the lack of conflicts of interests by signing a relevant declaration.
The Assessment Council includes at least one expert from each broad area of studies.

Council’s main functions

  • approve EKKA’s annual action plan
  • approve the composition of expert committees for transitional evaluation of study programme groups, quality assessment of study programme groups, and institutional accreditation of higher education institutions
  • make proposals to the Minister of Education and Research to grant educational institutions the right to conduct studies
  • make decisions on institutional accreditation of higher education institutions and on quality assessment of their study programme groups
  • decide on EKKA’s participation in international cooperation networks related to quality of higher education and on the membership of international organisations

Current membership of the Council

The current Council members are:

Heidi Alasepp East -Tallinn Central Hospital, Head of Rehabilitation Clinic
Eve Eisenschmidt Professor at Tallinn University – Chairman of the Council eve.eisenschmidt@archimedes.ee
Anneli Entson Education advisor to the Employers’ Confederation
Paavo Kaimre Estonian University of Life Sciences, Associate Professor
Maaja-Katrin Kerem SA Kutsekoda, Member of Management Board
Birute Klaas-Lang University of Tartu, Professor
Ülar Mark Diploma Architect
Pille Meier Estonian Woodworking Industry Development Cluster
Tauno Otto Tallinn University of Technology, Professor – Vice Chairman of the Council
Gunnar Piho Tallinn University of Technology, Associate Professor
Tiit Roosmaa University of Tartu, Visiting Associate Professor
Peeter Selg Tallinn University, Professor
Marge Vaikjärv University of Tartu, student


Secretary of the Council is Mr. Hillar Bauman (EKKA).


Procedure for Formation of EKKA Quality Assessment Council

Rules of Procedure of EKKA Quality Assessment Council